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I am a passionate entrepreneur working with young adults/college students encouraging them to create new businesses rather seeking a JOB. Graduating College Seniors should create their own JOBS before leaving college. I am working with college students through CAMPUS MILLIONAIRES to train, teach & coach college students on how to write a business plan on ideas they may have and providing financial Literacy workshops to teach them how to trade in stock options.

My goal is to set-up 200 students in business with their own S-corporation TAX-ID. I am using ORGANO GOLD as a platform to provide opportunities for students so that by the time they are graduating seniors in college, they would be earning at least $5,000/month and when they graduate from college they would not be looking for jobs, but creating jobs and increasing their earning power to over $20,000/month and simultaneously investing in the stock market and other ventures like Electronic Health Record consulting for medical doctors in private practice.

I have more details of my program on my FACEBOOK PAGE called "YOUNG BUSINESS MENTORS, INC"

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Mentoring Young Adults in the Stock Market


Mentoring in Science and Mathematics for Students in High/Middle School by College or fellow Students
Time: 3:30pm – 7:00pm
Date: 2ND Saturday each month
Location: CAMPUS Library Conference Room (request for details)

Sam Cole, MBA
YBM Mentoring Inc.


1. To teach talented American youths how to make money in corporate America through STOCK OPTIONS/FUTURES/FOREX MARKET and save money towards college education.
2. Grass-root education of young academic achievers in investing their talents in the eradication of poverty in their communities.
3. Encouraging discipline and providing incentives for young adult males & females to see the possibilities of improving their lives to a better place where they could become empowered with proper financial knowledge.
4. Providing an avenue for Community Churches to participate in the eradication of poverty in the community they preach and serve through young adult education on how to make money in corporate America and investing in their community.
5. Setting up a SCHOLARSHIP FUND for talented and high academic achievers through selected Community CHURCHES.
6. Teaching our children about their roots and the holistic embodiment of their spiritual, political, economical and educational being.
7. Continuous reinforcement of positive male role model within their community through the church or other progressive organization within the community.
8. Working in partnership with other positive role model within the community and neighboring universities to teach our children survival and conflict resolution skills that would benefit

and build them into progressive contributors in the development of future civilized communities around the country and the world.


Train talented/high academic achieving young adult students from middle and high schools in the American Free Enterprise system. Show them how the knowledge in economics and government can be utilized in the corporate financial market to acquire generational wealth that would improve their family and community quality of life.

We would like to start with students maintaining excellent to good grade levels (A, A+, B, B+) in their science (biology, chemistry, physics – AP, accelerated or honor), mathematics (algebra, precalculus, calculus, econometrics, AP, accelerate or honor ) classes with U.S and World history.

There would be a college freshman or sophomore who has excelled in middle and High school in the above subjects and currently maintains high grades in engineering or science related collegiate courses.

Each pyramid group would have one freshman and one sophomore as co-leaders (or mentoring chiefs), who would then have one 11th grader and one 12th grader under them.
The 11th grader would directly mentor two 9th graders and the 12th grader would directly mentor two 10th graders. The 9th grader would in turn pass on the knowledge to two 7th graders and the 10th grader would do the same to the two 8th graders under him or her.


College Freshman/Sophomore = That has Achieved a trading level of at least $75,000 towards first year of college by 12th grade

12th or 11th Grade High school students = has worked for one or two years, opened a bank account, have an understanding of how to save money and do bank transaction. LEARN how to trade in COVERED CALLS, FOREX and used the knowledge in generating cash flow to pay for a car, laptop computer for college and regular pocket money while in college.

10th or 9th Grade High school students = Mentored by 11th and 12 grade students in their school work (science, mathematics, economics and government) to ensure A+ average grade level. Maintain membership in Future Business leader of America (FBLA) and learn about the American Free Enterprise System, the banking industry, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the NASDAQ, DOW, Security & Exchange Commission (SEC), government and politics. Learn how to paper trade in STOCK OPTIONS.

6th, 7th and 8th Grade Middle School Students = Teach students how money works (Rich Dad, Poor Dad cash flow games by Robert T. Kiyosaki), how businesses are created and money flows through the American free enterprise system and the banking system.


1. SAMUEL COLE, President – 807 University Parkway – Box 11042 Johnson City TN 37614
2. Deborah Porter, Economic Development Coordinator, Partnership for Neighborhood Improvement -1501 E. Magnolia Avenue, Knoxville, TN 37917
3. Mr. Wendell A. Bandy – Blount United CCU –Box 472, Alcoa, TN 37701-0472


1. Stefan Nwandu-Vincent, Chief Mentoring Officer
2. Reginald Jenkins, Executive Director, UUNIK Academy, Inc. – Rites of Passage Program


(a) Write a one page essay about your community.
(b) What do you like about your community?
(c) What don’t you like about your community?
(d) If given the opportunity, what would you do to change what you don’t like in your community?
(e) What would you like to volunteer to contribute in order to improve things in your community?

Dear Parent of:

Your child has been selected to be interviewed by the selection committee of YBM Mentoring Pyramid Inc. to participate with a select group of children as volunteer youth mentors.

YBM goal is to create teams of core youths to be mentored by adults who will in turn mentor other fellow students in areas they are deficient, such as mathematics, science, calculus and economics as the foundation for learning how to trade in the stocks/options/futures capital markets to build wealth from which to develop their communities.

We are looking for young adults who love to work with other kids and encourage them to succeed and we believe that your child fit that purpose. We would want to work with you as parents to establish structured program activities that would provide step by step goals to accomplish in order to attain the level of competency for successfully trading in the stock market and making money toward their college education and advancement in other areas of their financial lives.

We hope to encourage high academic standards in the areas of mathematics, calculus, science and economics by providing monetary incentives for youths and young adults in the mentoring program who obtain grade of A’s and B’s in these subject areas in their respective schools (by bringing YBM a copy of their school transcripts signed by their advisor with a phone number to call and verify).

The incentive money would be used to build towards opening a bank account for the child, from which he or she would eventually trade from in the stock market and build on his or her portfolio of investments. We want to teach our kids about the American Free Enterprise system, so that through that understanding; they would be in a position to create businesses and jobs within their communities that would sustain them and future generations.

We are asking for your support and personal involvement in the teaching of your child of these ideals in cooperation with YBM Mentoring Inc. so that together, as a village they would have a better future than we did.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you and your community.

Sam Cole, MBA
YBM Mentoring Pyramid Inc.
School Subject Learning Software

(1) Science – chemistry
(2) Physics
(3) Biology
(4) Nature
(5) Oceanography
(6) Composition
(7) Mathematics
(8) Algebra
(9) Calculus
(10) Geometry

Each Mentored student in this subject matter should write a one page Essay of how the subject software has helped them improve on the deficient school subject and give names of other classmates or friends that would benefit from the SCHOOL SUBJECT MENTORING IN SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS and pass it on.

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